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Mexican License Plates

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Mexican License Plates

We have designed along with ANA SEGUROS, an Auto insurance company leader in Mexico specialized in Auto & the Expats, the ANA Novamar Mx Auto License Plates Policy, a unique Auto Policy for Expats with Mx License vehicles.

Full Coverage offers more protection
  • Material Damage
  • Comprehensive
  • Total Loss
  • Robbery
  • Third Party Liability
  • Medical per passenger
  • Road side assistance
  • Legal aid
Additional Benefits

Here are the additional benefits of this great Policy that has Premiums up to 35% lower than the rest of the market.

  • All processing will be handled by the ANA Seguros bilingual staff specialized in the expat community in Mexico.
  • Locksmith Service if you lose your keys or they are left inside of the vehicle.
  • Damage to vehicle due to overheating
  • Road Side assistance including gasoline help
  • Rental Car expenses for material damage or total loss (additional cost)
  • In case of a total loss you will receive $15,000,00 pesos additional of the car value
  • Drivers under 18 years are covered for Liability
  • Passengers Liability.
  • Medical expenses for the insured when traveling in other vehicles as in the car or hurt as a pedestrian
  • Liability extension including Medical for passengers when driving in other vehicles
  • Liability extension for your Motorcycle as well.
  • Liability for trailers, caravans and for objects transported in the vehicle; caused by the insured.
  • Tire coverage
  • Discounts in premium and deductible when the vehicle has security devices installed
  • Towing services even when the policy has only the Liability coverage
  • USA and Canada liability coverage
  • English speaking staff to answer your calls
ANA Claims Services
  • Adjuster assistance in English
  • All claims handled by the Tourist Auto Department of ANA to ensure that an English spoken person is in charge of the claim.
  • Down payment of 50% of the claim in 72hrs.
Ana Seguros

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