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Cancellations and Refunds.

Purchase terms, conditions, delivery and cancellation clause for insurance policies

When buying your Insurance policy through the website of MGI Agente de Seguros, S.A. de C.V., (Novamar Insurance Mexico), you agree that the policy will be delivered via email to the email address you have provided on this form in PDF format, along with the General Conditions and the Instructions of What to do in Case of Accident, immediately after your payment with your credit card has been approved. Also at the end of your transaction you will have the option to display or download the above mentioned documents on your computer. Policies can be purchased up to 30 days before the inception date of coverage.

The coverage limits of your policy has been displayed along with the explanation on the screens. The General Policy Conditions and Instructions to do in case of Accident are also available for viewing on these screens during the buying process.

You can request, at any time, during the term of your policy, an extra copy of your policy by contacting Novamar Insurance Mexico via telephone by calling 949-274-4111 from the United States and Canada. We will gladly send it to you by email.
If you want to cancel your policy, the process is as follows:

  1. Cancellation and refund. This request must be received prior to the policy inception date of coverage. novamar insurance mexico will refund the total premium less the policy fee.
  2. Cancellation requests must be sent in writing via email to this address:
  3. Refunds will be credited to the credit card which was used for payment.

This cancellation policy is based on each underwriting guidelines given by the insurance company per product.

Changes in Policy: Any change requested must be sent via email to . Any change request that does not increase the risk in your policy and your premium such as change of address of the insured, a change in the owner's name, including a change in the beneficiary can be accepted. The endorsement will be sent to you by email. Any changes that modify the risk and the premium of the policy, such as change of vehicle, vessel, property in Mexico or days of travel, will have to be submitted by email to . One of our representatives will contact you.

For questions or more information please contact us at the following number: 949-274-4111 from the United States and Canada. Via email: .