Mexican Boat Liability Coverage

If you sail or cruise in Mexico, secure a Mexico Liability Insurance policy before you go boating. This type of liability Insurance is called boat liability insurance, yacht liability insurance or watercraft liability insurance. By whichever name you know it, Mexico requires liability coverage for boats and yachts, from a Mexico-domiciled insurance company, just as it requires for autos.

Boat liability insurance protects you from legal liability from accidents which result from the maintenance, use, or ownership of your boat or yacht. This includes protection from legal liability for bodily injuries, damage to someone else's property, bail bond and legal defense in the event of such claims.

Our boat and yacht liability insurance policies provide coverage throughout Mexico.

Policies are underwritten by ABA Seguros, Mexico. ABA Seguros is part of the ABA Group of Companies, a global insurance company established in 1985, with 15,000 employees in 53 countries around the world.

Annual premium for Mexico boat liability insurance begins at about US $195.

How Do I Get a Quote or Policy?

Within minutes, from the following page you can:

  • Get your policy quote
  • secure and pay for your policy by credit card
  • print your policy (requires printer!)

Boats registered outside of Mexico also need to apply for a temporary import permit. This is true for cars visiting Mexico as well, except for visits by car limited to the Baja California peninsula.

Our travel plans in Mexican waters may require you to obtain Mexican immigration paperwork.

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