Novamar Mexico

We offer Personal and Commercial Insurance for Expats

Novamar Insurance Mexico™ — or, MGI Agente de Seguros, S.A. de C.V.® is a Brokerage Firm specializing attending to the expat community with beachfront properties located in Mexico. Our official Mexican Insurance Department (CNSF) authorization number is 06-367-II-1.2/11743.

We have the Highest Level Brokers License in Mexico

Novamar Insurance Mexico™ holds the highest-class insurance brokers license in Mexico (C class). We deliver service, experience, and local knowledge that just a few brokerage firms in Mexico can provide. Typically, this level of expertise with Risk Management and Insurance programs is only available with professionals in Mexico City, Monterrey or Guadalajara.

Novamar Insurance Mexico™ offers insurance in Mexico, which makes our affiliation with Novamar General Insurance™ the perfect complement for clients with ties to the USA, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Latin America.

The Novamar Insurance Mexico™ Team

Our Novamar Mexico™ team includes professional insurance agents with many years of top executive experience with different companies and brokerages. We are international professionals with expertise in both the United States and Mexico. At Novamar Insurance Mexico™, you will always find experienced English-speaking staff to help you.

A Diversified Brokerage for All Your Insurance Needs

Novamar Insurance Mexico™ provides not only marine-related insurance. We also offer coverage and service to meet the specific insurance needs of the American and Canadian community in Mexico. We look forward to helping you obtain the best insurance solutions to suit your individual needs.

Novamar Insurance Mexico™ Features

  • Unique coverages in the market for your investment in Mexico
  • Exclusive products only available through Novamar
  • Competitively priced policies including a courtesy English translation
  • High coverage limits available
  • Underwritten by financially stable insurance companies
  • English speaking staff available in our offices in Mexico