Unique Homeowners Insurance Programs for Mexico

This page describes insurance for free-standing homes; we also provide insurance for condos, townhomes, and townhouses.

We pioneered delivery of service and policies in English for home insurance in Mexico. An easy to read English language policy translation provides peace of mind. We did not stop there. Novamar Insurance Mexico has negotiated the following unique features for your home located anywhere in Mexico.

  • Hurricane coverage without seasonal restrictions
  • USA lawsuit liability coverage (if sued in US court)
  • No deductible except for catastrophic loss

The Novamar Mexico™ Homeowners Program offers the only insurance product that protects the buyer's investment and lender's interest in the event of total loss. Novamar Mexico™ homeowner's policies are underwritten by GMX Seguros.

Limitations and Restrictions

This coverage is available anywhere in Mexico only for solidly constructed buildings, not for homes with wood ceilings or walls.

Major Coverage Features

All-Risk Home Insurance

  • Catastrophic coverage (for hurricanes (hydrometerological phenomena) and earthquakes) available year-round
  • USA lawsuit liability
  • Domestic Third Party liability
  • Debris removal
  • Extra expenses
  • Electrical domestic equipment
  • Theft - authentic
  • Money and securities
  • Glass breakage
  • Assault and/or robbery outside your home
  • Jewelry and valuable objects
  • Personal clothing in custody of laundry or alteration
  • NO DEDUCTIBLE: Only in catastrophic coverage: hydrometeorological phenomena & earthquake
  • Emergency services, such as plumbing, locksmith, electricity, legal assistance and funeral expenses
  • Policies in English and Spanish