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Insurance reimburses an insured party for particular losses, such as theft, fire, or accidents. It effectively transfers the cost of risk from you to an insurance company. The provisions of each individual policy determine the duration, extent, and nature of the reimbursement. You can learn more about insurance from Wikipedia.
Your coverage is binding when we have an underwriter–approved application and we have received premium payment on behalf of the insurance company. Some policies, such as homeowner's insurance for homes and condos, and health insurance, may have waiting periods before coverage commences. Coverage ends at the date and time specified in the policy. You can usually renew it!
Please contact your insurer directly, promptly in the event of a loss. You can also contact Novamar Insurance Mexico for additional assistance if necessary.
Novamar Insurance Mexico is an insurance brokerage offering you policies we have negotiated from a variety of financially stable Mexican insurance companies. In many cases, the policies we offer have features not available from any other brokers in Mexico.