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The following documentation is required: • The vehicle's driving license. In it, you will find data such as the make, model, license plate, registration date and type of fuel used. • Documentation of your previous policy, if you have it. If you have already been insured with another company, you will need some information such as the length of time with the old company or the policy number. • Your credit card or a receipt from the bank, depending on the payment method you are going to use.
If, apart from the main driver, there is a driver who uses the insured vehicle 2 or 3 times a month, they must be included in the insurance policy as a secondary driver.
The documentation that you must always carry inside the car is: its driving license. In addition, although it is no longer mandatory, it is recommended that you also bring the documentation that proves the validity of the insurance (generally the insurance policy and the receipt of having paid it). It is important that you make sure that the above documentation is in effect at all times to avoid problems.
The price depends on the model of the vehicle, location of the house and history of accidents.
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