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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to open a claim for a HOA & Blanket policy?

Preapre the following details to provide us:

Details of your property manager or main contact that will be contacted by the adjusters for the site inspection, telephone, and full name are needed.

Technical report of what caused the damage specifying the date/time approximately that this happens.

We recommend you to take photos of the damaged areas/ítems and send them. in case you already repair before and after pictures will be need it.

Estimate, quote, or invoices (facturas) of the damage areas/ítems.

Id or passport of the owner of the unit that will open the claim to the insurance.

Utility bills like cfe or telmex not longer than 3 months.
Contact your claims agent with the claim number or the policy with which the claim was opened. The agent will seek with the insurance company the follow-up for the reopening or follow-up to conclude the same.
Novamar does not provide supplier data, as the insured is responsible for finding the trusted supplier that will fix his reported damage.
We need you to contact your claims agent at 322.297.64.40 and provide us with details of the claim, person to contact to follow up on the adjusters' visit, exact location, date of claim and approximate time.
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