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´´Amaranto´´ food richness in Mexico.

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Oct 31, 2019

Mexico and its food wonders since pre-Hispanic times. One of them is undoubtedly the seed of Amaranto, which is considered a food with high nutritional quality and as one of the most widespread crops for more than four thousand years in Mexican lands . It has had had great relevance in the religion as it was traditionally presented as an offering in pre-Hispanic cultures.

Decrease your risks.

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Oct 24, 2019
Insurance Airbnb

The collaborative economy is the new way of doing business. One of the most successful examples is Airbnb. Renting a short-term home through this platform seems like an easy way to get fast cash without so much work or investment, especially with the growing popularity of vacation rentals. However, despite the numbers demonstrating its economic benefits at full scale, this business model has become a challenge for prevention.

World´s most important fishing tournament.

By - Oct 10, 2019

The Bisbee´s Fishing Tournament was started in 1981 for Bob Bisbee. It started as the Black & Blue Marlin Tournament in which there were only six teams and a $10,000 prize. Now this tournament has more than 150 teams and millions of dollars at stake. Live the experience of being just one "marlin" away from being a millionaire...

Novamar president of International Insurance Broker Congress.

By - Oct 08, 2019

Novamar is proud to announce that our Director General, Mr. Roberto Castellanos Omaña, was appointed president of the XII International Congress of the Association of Insurance and Bonds AMASFAC 2019.

Insurance HOA, What you need to know before you buy it.

By Fernanda Araiza of Novamar - Sep 24, 2019

Knowing how to create a policy for an HOA is important for the care and security of your condos assets. Management of condominium regulations and understanding the risks involved with insurance needs, financing, operating accounts and emergency funds, can be an overwhelming task. Approaching a HOA expert can help you turn this exercise into a positive learning experience.