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Travel insurance for unexpected events

Published Date: Jan 06, 2022

Travel insurance for unexpected events

Travel with peace of mind

When we travel, we are all exposed to a series of unforeseen events that can cause our plans to be modified, even canceled. Normally we have already made a significant financial investment in the purchase of plane tickets, advance payments for lodging, car rental and rides. In addition to the time we have set aside to devote to this journey that takes us out of our daily activities. All this investment can be lost before enjoying it and even affect us economically for years by sudden and unexpected events.

Before you leave

Even before leaving on our trip, events can occur that cause us to cancel the trip: an illness of any of the passengers, an accident at home, dismissal from work, an accident that affects the facilities of the destination city, etc. All these considerations can cause the trip to be canceled and the investment made lost unless, you have travel insurance, with which the insurer reimburses the expenses for plane tickets and advance payments for accommodations, car rentals and tours.

During the trip

For travel plans that require one or more transfers, one or more incidents may occur that delay the arrival at the destination, resulting in additional expenses. These expenses will also be covered in the travel insurance policy.

Traveling safely

Arrival at the destination

Once we have reached our destination, we are exposed to a series of events that one does not plan on when making the travel plan. The first, and this one can be known in advance, is if the destination country requires an accident policy that covers medical expenses and the expenses of repatriation of remains. If so, it is necessary to purchase this travel insurance policy based on the specifications of the authorities of the place of destination.

During the stay there are several events that can affect plans: an accident or an illness may require hospitalization and a longer stay than originally planned; the travel of a family member to support the passenger in his convalescence; an event where harm is done to third parties and which has legal repercussions; loss of documents and credit cards; travel back because of the death of a relative, among others. All of these circumstances will modify our travel plan, and some could affect our finances considerably.

Cost of Travel Insurance

The peace of mind with which one travels when one knows that any incident that happens unexpectedly is priceless. Many people do not know that the cost of travel insurance is only a couple of dollars a day, and, with the broadest coverage, it does not exceed seven dollars. If we consider the total cost of the trip, the percentage that is dedicated to having the protection of these unexpected events is minimal

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