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Temporary Vehicle Import Permit

Published Date: Dec 15, 2015

Temporary Vehicle Import Permit

Traveling to Mexico by plane is not the only way to get to Mexico. In fact, many people prefer to drive to Mexico so that they can take in all of the beautiful scenery that the country has. A person can literally go from mountains to ocean, from desert to tropics in the span of 1-day’s drive. Whether you are a tourist, just driving to Mexico for a few days or weeks, or a snowbird that is driving down here for the winter season, you will need to get a temporary import permit (TIP) for your foreign-plated vehicle to be legal to drive in Mexico.

This permit will be valid for as long as the vehicle owner is authorized to be in Mexico. There are 2 ways to obtain your TIP. IT can be done ahead of time at the Banjercito website from 60 to 7 days before entering Mexico. Or, it can be obtained at the border when you are crossing into Mexico.

There are 4 necessary documents that you need to provide at the border in order to get your TIP. Depending on your situation, there may be additional documents that need to be provided. Also note that you should have both the original copy as well as 1 to 2 photocopies of each document.

  1. The vehicle owner’s passport.
  2. The vehicle owner’s foreign driver’s license.
  3. Migratory document issued by the authorities validating that the vehicle owner holds the correct migratory status to conduct this procedure.
  4. The bill of sale, deed to property or vehicle registration, issued by the foreign authorities, and in the vehicle owner’s name.
  5. If the vehicle is leased, the leasing contract and authorization from the leasing company to import the vehicle.
  6. If the vehicle is still being paid for, the credit contract or invoice dated within the past 3 months, in the name of the applicant.
  7. If the vehicle belongs to a corporation, a document proving relationship between the company and the applicant, as well as stated authorization that the applicant can import the vehicle.
  8. If applicable, proof of the return of previously imported vehicles.
  9. A signed declaration stating, under oath, that the vehicle will not be used for purposes not described by the importer, and that the vehicle will be taken out of Mexico after the specified amount of time.
  10. The equivalent of 44 USD must be paid for this procedure. It can be paid in cash or by a non-Mexican credit card.
  11. A deposit must also be paid, to ensure that you will take the vehicle out of Mexico in the specified amount of time, and that no laws in Mexico will be broken, in order to get the deposit back. The amount of the deposit depends on the year of the vehicle;
    • 2007 and newer:  400 USD
    • 2001-2006: 300 USD
    • 2000 and earlier: 200 USD


  • Temporarily imported vehicles cannot be sold in Mexico
  • Temporary import permits cannot be returned from abroad at Mexican Consulates
  • If the imported vehicle continues to operate in Mexico after the import permit has expired it may be impounded and the owner and/or driver fined.
  • Foreigners with a vehicle that has not yet been returned to the border may not apply for a new import permit.
  • If the vehicle is not taken out of Mexico in the specified period of time the cash deposit made upon the importation will be forfeited to the Federal Treasury on the second banking day after the expiration date of the permit.
  • A temporary import permit is only required for persons venturing beyond the 21 kilometer “border zone”. If you are staying within the 21 kilometers, an import permit is not required. The border zone encompasses all of Baja California and Quintana Roo.