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Planning a road trip? Follow our advice

Published Date: May 14, 2019

Planning a road trip? Follow our advice

Traveling on the road can be one of the most enjoyable experiences, but remember that responsibility goes ahead of everything, follow our tips that will help you to make your trip safe and fun.

1.Visit a mechanic to know the status of your vehicle. Days before you start your road adventure, make sure that the vehicle you use for transport is in the best condition. Do not forget to have your spare tire in a good state of use and carry an essential tool kit. 


2.Rest before traveling. It is most important to drive without feeling sleepy or exhausted and do not consume any drugs or alchohol because most of it’s side effect’s is feeling tired, it is of paramount importance to be on alert the entire route if you are the driver.

3.Full glove compartmentIt consists of all the documentation of the car, for example; Circulation card and driver's license in force.

4.Validity and coverage of your insurance. Check when your insurance policy expires, keep in mind that when traveling on federal roads and bridges it is obligatory to have your liability insurance. If you do not have any insurance, we recommend you call 52-322-297-6440 (Novamar Mexico) and know the various options that exist for you and what is available for your needs. 


5.Plan route and establish an itinerary. Investigate the nearby locations in case you have to stop for an emergency or if you are already feeling tired. By establishing an itinerary you will have more security to be able to visit with time each place that you plan to arrive and/or carry out each one of the activities that you would like to do. 


6.Wear safety belt. It’s use reduces the probability of death in an accident, use every time you get in a vehicle not only when traveling.

Safety belt

7.Prepare your playlist. Nothing beats a road trip with excellent music in the background to enjoy every place.

8.Traveling with Children. To get a safe trip with the little ones you need to have your car seat together with your seatbelt, a good option can be to bring portable movies or special music for them.

9.First Aid kit. As we know we are not exempt from any risk, but we can prevent and be prepared in case that happens, as basic supplies the medicine kit must have; Analgesics, sheeting lotion (for skin itching or irritation), bandages, oxygenated water, adhesive tape, thermometer, and some saline solution for rinsing. 

First aid case

10.Eating while on the road. Do not consume foods that are very caloritic as they could be very heavy and cause you to become sleepy, stay hydrated, eat nuts to get their great energy intake so you can be on alert during the trip.


Be responsible and enjoy every moment. Good trip!