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Meet the best drink to stay hydrated this summer.

Published Date: Jul 09, 2019

Meet the best drink to stay hydrated this summer.

100% natural coconut water contains the following potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus that helps meet your body`s electrolyte needs. Increases its consumption and you will notice an active metabolism and undoubtedly a radiant skin.

The coconut palm's native origin is in the Pacific Islands. Its cultivation is mainly in humid and warm climates as seen in the coastal areas of Mexico which are the main areas of cultivation for commercial use.


Coconut water is the most effective drink in warm climates for its speed of hydration in the body. It is considered a natural serum full of nutrients, flavor and healthy benefits. Coconut water is also an excellent accompaniment to Mexico's traditional cuisine.

If you are an athlete or are physically active, coco water is an excellent alternative when choosing a sports drink. In comparison to typical commercial sports drinks, coco water does not have added sugars, additives, dyes or preservatives and it is an excellent source of minerals, providing more amounts of potassium and sodium. The hydrolytic recovery of the body is made easier through the consumption of this drink's special properties. Coco water is a ''light'' drink as it is low in calories, sugars and carbohydrates. 


Ideally, the best way to enjoy coco water and all its benefits is to drink it right from the nut!

If you are visiting Mexico or live here it is easy to find this exceptional drink locally. When shopping for cocoa water it is best purchased in a store specializing in organic, natural products otherwise it is most likely to have added sugars, artificial ingredients and a lower mineral content than fresh coconut water provides. The most delicious and healthy way to consume it is directly from the nut and "fill up" with its amazing nutrients!


In addition to the great benefits of coco water, its pulp also contributes to our health. Our skin is more radiant because of the higher percentage of Vitamin E and antioxidants that the coconut meat provides.


Commercial products are widely available in the form of soaps, body creams, oils, sweets, butter, oil, flour as well as in a variety of foods. Coconut is a truly amazing product which delivers many nutrients and benefits in its purest form.


Enjoy some fresh coconut when you visit Mexico's coastal communities and take advantage of all its natural flavor and benefits!