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Mandarin a great tasting seasonal fruit in Mexico with health benefits

Published Date: Nov 26, 2019

Mandarin a great tasting seasonal fruit in Mexico with health benefits

The mandarin in considered the most abundant citrus fruit in Mexico and the most popular in the winter season. This fruit is characterized by its high level of Vitamin C and contains large amounts of other beneficial properties for our health and its use in cosmetics. 

It comes from an evergreen tree, which can easily adapt to tropical and subtropical climates. In Mexico, the harvest of mandarin oranges is considered one of the most important economic industries due to its high volume of production.  The mandarin is a very versatile fruit and the source of many products such as sweets, jams, juice, cosmetics, essential oils, seasonings, liquor & more.

The fruit is also characterized as part of the Mexican tradition during the festivities of this season. Mainly in the "posadas" which are Mexican festivities during the winter. Mandarines are very popular during posadas as they are used to fill up candy bags as well as the famous traditional piñatas.

Its consumption is fully recommended by The World Health Organization for its high nutritional content of vitamin C. It is an excellent aid to strengthen your immune system protecting it from the lower climate changes at this time of year. It helps prevent the flu, colds and is also a good source for healthy and hydrated skin.

It is an excellent diuretic, which helps us balance a healthy weight and helps treat certain cardiovascular conditions such as arterial hypertension. It also has a positive effect in in the retention of fluids and helps keep our intestinal tract healthy due to its great fiber contribution.

Do not miss out on a refreshing mandarin this season!


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