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Health Coverage denied? Get Mexico Travel and Medical Evacuation Insurance

Published Date: Sep 03, 2023

Health Coverage denied? Get Mexico Travel and Medical Evacuation Insurance

Have you been declined a health insurance coverage due to a preexisting condition? Have you reached an age limit that disqualifies you from obtaining a health insurance policy? Are you trying to avoid over insuring yourself with two policies in two countries?

Get an AirMed policy to supplement your health protection while in Mexico.

What is AirMed?

AirMed is a medical evacuation policy for both travelers and Expat Mexican residents:

  • • $595 dollars a year per person.
  • • The cost does not increase year after year.
  • • This policy will fly you back home to your hospital of choice.
  • • It does exclude coverage based on a preexisting condition and does not have an age limit to enroll.
  • • If you are hospitalized and treated, but in need of further medical attention, and stabilized enough to fly, AirMed pay to transport you back home either using a commercial flight or a private air ambulance, depending on your needs determined by your doctor.

Please note, this is not a travel medical policy so it will not cover any medical expenses.

If you need short term medical coverage while in Mexico, continue reading below:

Travel Insurance:

This program is geared toward covering tourists and other short stay travelers like digital nomads to cover an accident or sudden and fortuitous illness. This policy is designed for traveler’s not Mexican residents.

Benefits of a Travel Insurance Plan:

  • • Emergency medical treatment due to illness or accident.
  • • Medical consultation at your place of lodging.
  • • Reparation of remains.
  • • Travel expenses of a family member or companion of the insured in rehabilitation.
  • • Trip cancellation.
  • • Loss of luggage.

If you require additional information, we will gladly assist you. For more information you can visit us on our home page: Mexico Insurance.
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