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Facturas requested by Mexican health insurance policies

Published Date: Jul 03, 2023

Facturas requested by Mexican health insurance policies

You need a factura for all expenses claimed to the insurance company.

What is a factura?

If you have a Mexican health Insurance policy in place, congratulations for your planning ahead. You are part of the minority in Mexico that is secured financially in case of a medical emergency. When submitting expenses for reimbursement for a medical treatment it is important to know that the insurance company will require a fiscal factura for all expenses paid.

And, what is a fiscal factura?

This is a payment receipt that the provider has declared to the government (SAT) as a legal transaction, basically an official receipt. This also means the 16% IVA tax has been covered. When you make a payment in Mexico, you may or may not be asked if you need a factura. As the client, you have the legal right to request and receive your factura in any formal business in Mexico. It is important to know that businesses give you a deadline to request your factura. Many give you only 24 hours to request your factura, so requesting one at the time payment is made, is the best plan. Other businesses will allow you to request a factura in the same month in which the payment is made.

Given that this is a time sensitive request, we encourage you to not leave the clinic, the pharmacy, or doctor’s appointment without having requested or received your factura. It is possible that you receive a normal receipt and are incorrectly told that it is a factura. Some businesses may prefer to avoid issuing real facturas. The factura will look like this: (note the squared code in the bottom and it shows your name and RFC number)

img factura

To request a factura you will be asked for your name, e-mail address, RFC number and type of payment. Many businesses will ask for your “Constancia de situación fiscal”. This document is your proof of participation as a taxpayer registered with the SAT (Tax Administration Service) and provides your full name, RFC number and your legal home or business address, among other pieces of information.

The document is free, and you can get your copy at the local SAT office if you do not have your copy already. It will look like the example below. Having a copy on hand will make the process go smoother when requesting facturas for your policy expenses. You may find you need facturas for other purposes as well such as business transactions, tax returns, or legal procedures.

img factura

Contact our office and we will gladly make a study of your current Mexican health insurance policy, discuss your specific needs, and provide you a proposal with our recommendations for implementation.

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