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Drive with Peace of Mind in Mexico with Novamar Mexico Insurance

Published Date: Oct 03, 2023

Drive with Peace of Mind in Mexico with Novamar Mexico Insurance

Traversing the scenic landscapes of Mexico is an enchanting experience. Yet, there's an essential aspect that every traveler should prioritize - securing reliable Mexican auto insurance. This is where Novamar Insurance México steps in, ensuring that your journey remains as serene as the picturesque vistas of the country.

Novamar provides inexpensive and comprehensive Civil Liability Insurance for automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles that are registered outside Mexico. Our English-language policies are tailored to provide international tourists high quality insurance coverage to protect them while driving in Mexico.

Designed specifically for temporary travelers, our Tourist Auto insurance policies cater to those navigating the Mexican territory in vehicles with foreign license plates. The legal framework in Mexico’s laws allow for the travel of vehicles with license plates from the United States on local and federal highways and bridges with license plates from the United States and Canada provided the vehicle has proper Civil Liability insurance underwritten by an insurance company domiciled in Mexico.

However, entry into Mexico requires the attainment of a Temporary Importation Permit. This essential document is accessible online, at specific Mexican consulates, and border lines upon entering the country. More information on obtaining this permit can be found at Banjercito.

Since 2019, a decree in the Official Journal of the Federation of Mexico mandates that all motorists, including motorcyclists, procure at least a basic Civil Liability Insurance to travel upon federal roads, bridges, and highways in Mexico. This insurance requirement is not just a legal obligation but it also provides peace of mind. Ensuring that your journey is unhindered and secure.

The process for purchasing Novamar's Tourist Auto Insurance online could not be easier. The whole process takes under 5 minutes and is very inexpensive!

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To purchase your Mexican Tourist Auto Policy, or for more information or you can visit us on our Tourist Auto Insurance page here.

or give our office a call. Have a wonderful trip enjoying all that Mexico has to offer!

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