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Contingency Plan for Boats in the Hurricane Season in Mexico

Published Date: Jun 03, 2024

Contingency Plan for Boats in the Hurricane Season in Mexico

Dear Clients,

We are writing to inform you that hurricane season has officially begun, and with it, the need to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise. As responsible boat owners, it is critical that you have a contingency plan in place to deal with potential named Storms and/or Hurricanes. The safety of your boats, as well as your own and your crew's, depends largely on the preparation and preventive measures you take.

At Novamar Insurance we care about human lives and your boat. To assist them in this process, we have sent all of our clients a detailed form that must be completed with their specific contingency plan. This document includes all the critical aspects that need to be considered, from the protection of your vessel to personal safety. It is essential that you review and fill out this form as soon as possible, making sure to follow the established recommendations and guidelines.

One of the most important points is to coordinate with the marina where your boat is docked. Marinas have specific safety protocols in place to deal with storms and hurricanes, and it's vital that you familiarize yourself with these procedures and follow them to the letter. This includes, but is not limited to, the proper placement of fenders, the reinforcement of moorings, and the disconnection of non-essential services.

Change of marina

In case you plan to change marinas during this season, we remind you of the importance of sending a new updated contingency plan. Each marina has unique characteristics and facilities, so your plan should be tailored to the specificities of the new location. Do not underestimate the relevance of this step; A proper and up-to-date plan can make the difference between protecting your investment and facing potential damage.

In addition to the preparation of the contingency plan, we want to remind you of some general security measures that you should consider:

  • • Stay Informed: Follow weather reports and alerts issued by authorities closely. Being informed will allow them to make timely and appropriate decisions.
  • • Secure Your Boat Well: Check that all moorings and fenders are in good condition and correctly placed. Reinforce the ties if necessary and remove any loose objects that could cause damage.
  • • Disconnect Non-Essential Services: Turn off and disconnect all non-essential electrical services to prevent short circuits and other related problems.
  • • Have an Emergency Kit: Prepare an emergency kit that includes essential items such as non-perishable food, water, medicines, flashlights, batteries, and a first aid kit.
  • • Evacuation Plan: Make sure you have a clear evacuation plan known to all crew members. Know the navy's evacuation routes and safe meeting points.

In emergency situations, preparedness and prevention are our best allies. We urge you to take this communication with the seriousness it deserves and to act proactively to ensure everyone's safety.

We appreciate your attention and collaboration. If you have any questions or need additional assistance in completing your contingency plan, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support them in everything they need.


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