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Flying With Fido

By Michael Keller of Novamar - Dec 29, 2015

Just the thought of putting your pet in the cargo compartment of a plane for a flight can be very terrifying and stressful, and this is just what you are feeling. Imagine what your pet is feeling, especially if they are not seasoned flyers.

Christmas Dinner, Mexican Style!

By Novamar Insurance - Dec 22, 2015

Navidad (Christmas) is a time-honored celebration that takes place throughout the world, and has been celebrated every year since 336 A.D., making it one of the oldest celebrated holidays in recorded history.

Temporary Vehicle Import Permit

By Michael Keller of Novamar - Dec 15, 2015

Traveling to Mexico by plane is not the only way to get to Mexico. In fact, many people prefer to drive to Mexico so that they can take in all of the beautiful scenery that the country has.

Does Medicare/Medigap Coverage really cover you in Mexico?

By Antonio Trejo of Novamar - Dec 08, 2015

There is a common assumption among United States citizens that their Medicare health insurance policy will cover them while they are traveling and/or living abroad. This assumption is very wrong, and can end up being very costly.

Insurance is insurance, right? Not with Yachts!

By Novamar Insurance - Dec 01, 2015

Take heed of our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding yachting and boating. These answers come straight from a sailing expert himself!